Thursday 30 June 2016 07:00

Make a statement in your garden with Slate Monoliths has got an impressive range of slate monoliths and hololiths in different sizes to suit every garden. A monolith is typically a large standing stone often used for decorative and feature purposes in gardens around the UK. These large slate standing stones are available as a monolith or hololith; the hololith having a 35 millimetre diameter hole in the middle. Our hololiths are also available to buy as water features, which are really something of a conversation starter.



Here at we stock a wide range of monoliths so you can create almost any garden feature. Our subtle 300mm monolith is the smallest that we stock and looks great on the edge of a flower bed. For the more eye-catching centrepiece, our ornamental 900mm monolith is a feature in itself. Surround with 20mm graphite grey slate for a naturally coloured garden feature.



Our hololiths are a large piece of slate with a 35 millimetre hole in the top. These straight edge chiselled pieces of slate are available in plum, green or blue and range for 450mm to 900mm. Like the monolith, these are as eye catching as a lone feature or when surrounded by accompanying aggregates, such as the silver blue granite 14mm.

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