Welsh Quartz and Granite Boulders 350mm - 450mm

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Stunning Granite and Welsh Quartz boulders are individually selected from Snowdonia in North Wales. The boulders have a rugged texture and when wet, the granite and welsh quartz look fantastic. 

The mixture of natural colours is gorgeous and ranges from dark and medium grey with hints of brown and pink. 

The granite boulders come in a mix of sizes and a pallet of 6 will vary between 350-450mm. The boulders are heavy and can be used as features in a pond, rockery or waterfalls. They can also be used as standalone pieces on gravel or within planting areas. 

Granite Boulders Specification 

Colour: Grey, brown and pink. 

Shape: Round

Size: 350-450mm (as a natural product the size of the boulders will vary in this range.)

Type: Granite and Welsh Quartz

Main Uses: Ponds, rockeries, waterfalls, feature stones, planting areas. 

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