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Green Therapy: How Can I Get Started

Starting green therapy might seem like an overwhelming, intimidating thought, but there are plenty of small steps to get started yourself at home. 

Whether you have access to a garden or not, we’ve put together a few green ideas to help anyone struggling with mental health. From regular walks in the park and planting flowers for bees, right through to dog walking and bird watching.

The video shows you some simple ways to get started, but there are some more involved ways to get going with green therapy:

You could try:

  1. Volunteering for a conservation project. Take a look on Wildlife Trusts and The Conservation Volunteers sites for ways to get involved. 
  2. Partake in a nature survey such as counting species, or reporting wildlife sightings. The Big Butterfly Count and the Big Garden Birdwatch are great examples. 
  3. Get involved with geocoaching; searching for hidden items outdoors. Take a look at The National Trust for more information. 
  4. Join a local walking group. Check out Walking for Health for more information or keep an eye out for local groups. 
  5. Try nature meditation, often taking place in a natural setting such as a park. For example, pinpoint something in nature you like and spend time contemplating how it relates to you and what  you can learn from it. There are also plenty of meditation retreats in beautiful UK surroundings.
  6. Farming. Social Farms and Gardens aim to ‘improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the environment through nature-based activities. They help you to get involved with managing woodland, growing crops and caring for animals.

Sometimes your GP can refer you to a local ecotherapy programme. Mind provides a great guide on seeking help for a mental health problem.

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