Cotswold Buff

Beautiful Cotswold Gravel is perfect for using as ground cover in borders. 

Cotswold Buff colours and uses

Choose from the Cotswold Buff or the even more golden Cotswold Gold - both provide an ideal foil to highlight planting and garden features. 

The golden tones of the Cotswold Gold give a lovely warm feel to the garden, whereas the Cotswold Buff invokes more mellow tones. 

Use the 20mm size to instantly transform your driveway - this angular size interlocks well together to prevent displacement of the gravel. 

The Cotswold Golden Path self-binding gravel is the perfect material for creating hard landscaping paths and driveways with a natural feel. 

Cotswold Buff sizing

The Cotswold Gold Gravel is about 10-25mm and is best laid 4-5cm deep. However, the smaller Cotswold Gold 14mm is also available. If you require a more hard-wearing finish, our self-binding gravel Cotswold Golden Path is available in the same colour.

This Cotswold Buff Gravel 20mm is also known as Buff Limestone or Cotswold Chippings, and the actual size ranges between 14-22mm. For the best coverage, lay this at 4-5cm deep.

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