Bring your Garden to Life

Monday 15 January 2018 15:00

Is your garden looking dull after the spell of bad weather, why not get your garden ready for spring with our different colored slate materials.

We have a range of green, plum, grey and blue all in 20 or 40mm.If you can’t just decide on one colour we also have Snowdonia Tumbled slate which is a mix of the blue, plum and green.

The slate is ideal for pathways as it is easy to maintain and is a durable material. We always recommend the 20mm for pathways as it is easier to walk on, if you are looking to cover a flowerbed or to fill some boarders then are 20mm or 40mm slate is ideal for you.

You can also use slate around water features and around ponds, as it is a fish friendly material.

If you are looking at putting a water feature into your garden then why not take a look at our range of monoliths and slate pyramid, with these you would be able to put our slate chippings around the bases to add an extra touch.


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