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Alpine Blue Gravel 20mm

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Alpine Blue Gravel 20mm (also known as Blue Gravel) is a unique blend of angular light grey and icy blue stones. The icy sheen of Alpine Blue Gravel creates a shine without being wet and this Blue Gravel glistens beautifully in sunlight.

Made from marble, the 20mm Blue Gravel is hard wearing and contains naturally anti-algae properties, making it ideal for many different landscaping projects. Popular uses include driveways, garden paths and flower bed decoration.

This blue decorative aggregate helps retain moisture and constrasts really well against bright flowers and green shrubs when mulching.

We deliver Blue Gravel in various sizes ranging from single maxi bags (20kg) to bulk bags (800kg).

Product Specification

Colour: Blue

Size: 20mm (as a natural product, this may vary between 16-25mm)

Type: Marble

Depth Laid: 4-5cm

Main Uses: Paths, driveways, flower beds, mulch (avoid using this blue gravel in a consistently damp environment in order to preserve the natural blue colour and shine).

Not Fish Friendly
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