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Premium Black Rubber Chippings 4-10mm

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Our high quality Premium Black Rubber Chippings are the perfect alternative to wood bark. They are ideal for creating safe, colourful, long lasting playground surfaces that are easy to lay in gardens or commercial landscaping projects. Rubber surfacing absorbs the shock of a fall better than most materials.

An environmentally sensible choice, Premium Black Rubber Chippings 4-10mm are made from recycled tyres and are 100% wire/fibre free. Different coloured rubber chippings can be mixed and matched to create truly colourful and unique surfaces.

The tyres are cleaned, shredded and the wire removed before being coated with a polyurethane colour coating which seals the colour around the rubber chippings for a long lasting result.

Sizes range from 4-10mm. Available in 400kg bulk bags and 30 poly bags (600kg).

Independently tested to meet BS EN:1177:2008 standard.

Rubber Chippings Benefits

  • Excellent safety certification for domestic and school play
  • Retains warmth and dries quickly
  • Does not rot or decompose
  • Inert and non-toxic
  • Doesn’t require regular topping up
  • Low maintenance & easy to clean
  • Retains colour for many years
  • Provides excellent drainage

Please note this is a recycled product. Colours can vary batch to batch. If you are completing a large project, we recommend you order as much as you need to complete the project to maintain consistent colouring.

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