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Pebbledash Sample Box

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Sample Box

Sample Box

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A 28cm x 19cm pebbledash sample box containing 18 samples of various pebbledashing aggregate colours to show the variation of colours and tones of some of our most popular chippings. If you are having a pebbledash job done this set of samples will show how the different stones look and if you wet the stones it will reflect their colour when it rains or is damp so you can compare the various finishes. This is better than individual sample pots as you can see the difference between 18 different stones or mixtures.

Products in the box include:

  • Polar White 3-8mm
  • Polar Red & White 3-8mm
  • Yellow 6mm
  • Polar Multi Spar 3-8mm
  • Polar Black & White 3-8mm
  • Sunflower 3-8mm
  • Beige Marble 4-6mm
  • Honey 3-8mm
  • Red 6mm
  • Nordic 3-8mm
  • Buff Quartz 3-8mm
  • Derbyshire Spar 3-8mm
  • Barleycorn 4-8mm
  • Snowdrop 3-8mm
  • Harvest 3-8mm
  • Classic Spar 3-8mm
  • Seville 3-8mm
  • White Calcined Flint 3-8mm

We sell many other bespoke colours, mixtures and special gradings, these samples are just to show a few of the most popular of our pebbledashing aggregates, but if you don't see what you want please ring and we will advise on what is available.

These sample boxes are £25 inc p&p and sent by courier on the next working day from the order. They generally take 2-5 days to deliver.

We also ship the pebble dashing sample boxes internationally. Contact us through our online form or by phone on +44 1629 630256

This product is also available in a loose tipped load

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