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Daltex Resin Bound Display Case

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Sample Box

Sample Box

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Our stunning New Daltex Display Case is now available to order. This robust 29cm x 29cm plastic display case containing 25 samples of our aggregate, already bound in clear resin. It also comes with the Daltex Product Guide, which contains all of our range and the technical data for all our Dried Aggregates. The perfect aid to show your customers some of the aggregate finishes available to them. 

The display case contains:

Daltex Beige 2-5mm

Daltex Red 2-5mm

Daltex Pearl Quartz 2-5mm

Daltex Black 2-5mm

Daltex Devon Yellow 2-5mm

Daltex Celtic Plum 1-3mm

Daltex Pearl Quartz 1-3mm

Daltex Staffordshire Pink 1-3mm

Daltex Arctic White 2-5mm

Daltex Brittany Bronze 1-3mm

Daltex Silver 2-5mm

Daltex Golden Pea 2-5mm

Daltex Dobbsweir Yellow 3-6mm

Daltex Brittany Bronze 2-5mm

Daltex Autumn Quartz 2-5mm

Daltex White Fint 2-5mm

Daltex Silver 1-3mm

Daltex Green 2-5mm

Daltex Autumn Quartz 1-3mm

Daltex Trent Pea 3-6mm

Daltex Rhinegold 10mm

Daltex Amber Gold 1-4mm

Daltex Black 1-3mm

Daltex Staffordshire Pink 2-5mm

Daltex Golden Quartz 2-5mm

We sell many other bespoke colours, mixtures and special gradings, these samples are just to show a few of the most popular ones, but if you don't see what you want please ring and we will advise on what is available.

These sample boxes are sent by courier on the next working day from the order. They generally take 2-5 days to deliver.

We also ship the resin bound sample boxes internationally. Contact us through our online form or by phone on +44 1629 630256

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