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600mm Monolith Water Feature Kit

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Water Feature

Water Feature

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Everything you need to create a stunning water feature. This 600mm Monolith Water Feature Kit includes a monolith in tones of blue, grey or plum, complete with the sump and pump, everything you need to create a striking, visual water feature. All you need to do is to dig a hole, fit the sump and add power. Add to the effect by combining paddlestones or Snowdonia polished slate around the base. The effect is lovely with water running down the sides of the monolith and splashing over the chippings below. Truly stunning.

The water feature kit plate is 760mm in diameter. The sump is 400mm deep and 400mm in diameter and it sits beneath the water collecting plate.

This kit also includes a FREE 20kg bag of Snowdonia Polished Slate to put around the feature.

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