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Golden Gravel 20mm

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Golden Gravel 20mm. An attractive multicoloured natural gravel. This stunning golden gravel is partly rounded with yellows, cream and brown tones.

This very popular and effective aggregate is used mainly for drives and ground cover. Being semi-angular it interlocks with itself so it does not displace on drives as much as smaller materials are inclined too. This brightly coloured gravel is very distinctive for borders, rockeries and ground cover. It is also known as Yellow Shingle, Corn or Solent Gravel. For the best effect, this gravel is best laid 4cm deep and 5cm for drives. The actual size ranges between 12-30mm.

10mm Golden Gravel is also available if you require a smaller size of gravel ideally for use on paths. See our inspirations section on drives and paths for more ideas.

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This product is also available in a loose tipped load

Fish Friendly This product can be used with garden fish ponds

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